Friday, July 20, 2012

Jesse's Cheshire

I'm working on massive projects right now. And in the depths of summer, my knitting mojo starts to dwindle. So I turned to fiber spinning to fill the creative void until fall comes to rescue me.

-My fiber back story-
When we were first married, we had a German Sheppard that would blow his coat yearly. I remember sitting in a three inch pile of combings thinking “This has got to be good for SOMETHING…I wish I knew what to make from it.”

Fast forward 11 years….my cat, Patches, was dying of a cancerous mass on her spine. For the last two weeks of her life she loved, and allowed herself, to be brushed. (I think she gave me those weeks as a goodbye gift.) I was shattered. I still have that bag in my fiber stash, waiting for the day I have enough skill to spin it properly.

So although I spin wool because it’s so easy to get your hands on….my passion is spinning companion animal fiber (rabbits, dogs, cats) My girlfriends tease me about trying to “pluck” their pets. shrug They’re not too far off.

Anyway, that’s my journey to where I am today. I enjoy the process of spinning, but I feel that I’m just fumbling around (in the dark) with it. All of my instruction has been through Youtube videos and books/videos.
-End of Spinning back story- (copied from my introduction on -Central Arkansas Spinner's Guild)

Well, I've been saving my cat fur combings for a while now.  And I had enough spun up for a small project. I finished the little cat (of cat a few days ago and kept noticing that she'd go "walkabout" from her place on my dresser. So, of course, I had to make the little thief one of his own.

He chose the eyes. They were leftover safety eyes from when I knit him a snake. And, according to Jesse, is called "Cheshire" from Alice in Wonderland (but he doesn't have a grin...go figure!)

(Um yeah, I still haven't convinced him that he needs a haircut.)

So, do I have my mojo But I'm getting closer.

Stay cool, everyone. 
Love, Ang


  1. I love your spinning story and Jesse's Chesire. I really wish we could spin together, then it won't feel like we're both spinning in the dark! We'll have to plan for an awesome fiberfest someday ... like SOAR! How fun will that be?

    3> d

  2. That would be so fantastic!! I've always wanted to go to SOAR...but couldn't justify the $$. I've been saving for the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravagaza (Dec) and I think I have enough for the room/entrance/food...I just need goodie money. lubya!

    1. psssst, that was a subtle hint. (wink wink)

  3. Oooh ... even better! If we find out what's going on with Rock's assignment back to the US, then I'll have to start planning! I'm serious :)

    1. I am too...I'll send you a link to the website so you can keep tabs on it.

      Love you!

  4. I signed up for their newsletter! Did you take any classes last year? Are you bringing Valerie?