Sunday, July 29, 2012

GeekSquad / Knitting

Jesse just finished up another Geek Squad Summer Academy. This is his second year. (and is already talking about next year!) He befriended the head Geek? and was nicknamed the "Warden."

When I was introduced he told me: "I was so excited to see the Warden again this year. I didn't recognize him. He's so much taller and has so much hair!"

I have a picture of the two of them on Jesse's camera. It's old school and needs a card reader to collect the pictures. I'll have to wait till Brian wakes up and can download them.

Tweenbear and Henry. They met at the OMK:Operation Military kids 4H camp in May.

Quite a large turnout.

What is Geek Squad Summer Academy? Geek Squad Summer Academy is a community sponsored event by Best Buy. At Geek Squad Summer Academy, we partner with local non-profit organizations to teach students about the latest technology in a fun, interactive environment. Team building activities in classes such as PC Build, Programming, Digital Photography, Digital Music and Connected World build friendships and self-confidence.

I also used these two "days off" to finish one of my large projects. I love scrappy quilts. So I decided to use my sock yarn leftovers to knit up a wrap. My girlfriends also contributed to the effort. I got to use a lot of yarn that was outside of my price range. MMMM

I love it! It turned out fantastic.

I always love finishing up a HUGE project. After a while they feel like a monkey on your back. (*Laugh* but you have too much time invested to just set it you slog through it.)

Anyway...that's what we did this week. I'm ready for the heat to break. My garden is finally starting to take off. My peppers are flowering and my jellybean tomatoes are covered with goodies.

Love, Ang

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  1. Geek Squad Summer Academy sounds like fun actually ... and your scrappy quilt wrap looks fantastic! Stay cool!