Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy 11th Birthday, Tween Bear

Haha I'm not allowed to call him "Babybear" or "LittleBear" anymore. So he's stuck with this...

I do NOT like the heat...either do the boys. So we've been hibernating in the house this summer. I couldn't get TB interested in anything (4H, Chess Club, Swim club) so we made a whole day of his birthday. His best friends are down in Louisiana, and he didn't want a party.

We took him to the Children's Science museum here in LR. It was a win/win deal...Brian got us all in FREE with an Active Duty military ID card. (until Labor Day, I think) So we took our time and saw EVERYTHING. They had a tornado exhibit that was scary. Basically it's a mockup of a basement and they simulate a tornado. (Booms, lightning, crashes and the sound of a piano getting thrown around) I could feel my heart start thumping...gosh, I hate those things.

How many is a Million?  This exhibit really puts that into perspective.

Afterwards we went to lunch at Bosco's Brewery and had the best stonebrick pizza since Italy. I love a really thin cracker crust pizza. mmm

Then off to the Archery store to get him his present. He's been wanting a bow for a while. I just wish the weather would cool down so he can go out and enjoy it. Today it was 107. And in the sun it's just intolerable.

Finally an icecream cake (:o( he didn't want a home made one) with BLACK icing. ***Gah***

Yes, I realize how bad my icing skills are and that I put a 12 on there. Jesse was talking to me about his 12th birthday and what he wants to do. So I wrote what I was thinking: twelve...duh

Happy Birthday!!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Tween Bear! Hope you enjoyed your special day!!!