Thursday, July 19, 2012

19July12 - Garden Update

Whew! It's been HOT and DRY here this summer. Today it was 104F with a 114F heat index. I've been watering twice a day. Yesterday I forgot the A.M. watering...and by 5pm I had crispy critters in there. Poor Babies.

This is my Hospital patch. Most of these pots go on my Southern facing front porch/window box. It's been so hot and dry that I took pity on them and brought them under the awning for some pampering.

I'm thinking about clipping back my chrysanthemums. They've already flowered and are looking a little dispirited. Maybe if I clip them back, they'll flower again.

Here's my little garden patch from the arch looking out. To the left is the patio (firepit shown) and back the right is the pool. The far end is in sun ALL day long, so I have my tomatoes/peppers down there. Due to poor planning, I ran out of plants when I got to this end. Those green bits are the dianthus (budded out for another round of flowers. #4)

I'm a fan of small tomatoes. And since I'm running this train, that's what I planted. Jellybean tomatoes. They are SOOO sweet and flavorful. Next year I'll try these and romas.

Mystery tomato that came up from the compost. LOL I guess my compost didn't get hot enough to kill seeds. (that's why I don't throw weeds in mine.)

Here's a mystery vine with yellow flowers. I'm hoping for zucchini. (I didn't think to plant any this year) There's also a volunteer tomato (tied to the rebar support) My rosemary's in there too. She's kinda small...we had roasted potatoes with rosemary last week. Yum!

I didn't get pictures of my zinnias and peppers. The peppers aren't doing much (they take off around Aug) And I cut my zinnias for house flowers. Next year I'm going to plant more colors and plants. I LOVE them!

Only two of my moonflowers survived, and they haven't done much. I've planted them with the Carolina Jasmine over my arch.

Out of pity, I bought some Miracle Grow and sprayed the garden last weekend. Hopefully it'll give them a little love. They've had a tough year!

Love, Ang

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